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Reducing Costs & Lead Time Through The Graphite Permanent Mold Process

Top-Tier Graphite Machining for Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Parts

Castechnologies, Inc. in Attleboro, Massachusetts, uses exclusively the Graphite Permanent Mold (GPM) process, which combines the low cost of easily machineable graphite molds with a high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy, ZA-12, to provide an economical alternative to other manufacturing processes in annual volumes of 500-15,000 pieces.

Benefits include:

• Cast Precision (+/-.005), which reduces secondary machining
• Cast Surface Finish of 125 RMS or better
• Piece-to-Piece repeatability
• Bearing qualities superior to bronze
• Tooling lead times of 3 to 6 weeks
• Homogeneous castings 


Through CAD-CAM, the precision molds are designed and rapidly machined on CNC equipment according to your specifications. Mold prices vary according to the size and complexity of the casting, but generally, molds cost between $2,500 and $6,500.  The advantages of graphite are its high thermal conductivity, stability and minimal expansion. 


Our castings are produced from high-strength ZA-12 material. This alloy is often the first choice when converting from iron, aluminum, brass, or bronze. In addition ZA-12 is:

• Non-Magnetic (Suitable for Electronic Shielding)   • Easily machined • Non-Incendiary • Spark-Proof 


By having a full range of machining capabilities, we can supply a complete, functional component.  ZA-12's features, along with our process' near net shape capabilities, can demonstrate considerable cost savings over other methods, whether the castings are machined at our facility or yours.


When cast, ZA-12 exhibits an attractive, bright finish. Over time, the surface color softens to an appealing, pewter-like appearance, which is fully acceptable for most applications. However, for protective or aesthetic reasons, some castings require an added finish. Such is the case with standard zinc die-casting alloys, to which a variety of finishes can be applied. This includes chromium plating, chromate and phosphate conversion coatings, polymeric coatings, paints (after zinc phosphating) and anodizing.

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